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Top 18 Rolex Myths and Misconceptions Debunked (Part II)

Picking up where we left off on debunking Rolex myths and offering you facts vs. fiction:

10. Created the first water resistant brand

The first water resistant watches came to life in the 19th century despite the fact that the oyster is always cited as being the first one. However, it is important to note that Oyster was the first timepiece to be patented as being water resistant.

11. Never produced watches for other manufacturers

There has been isolation from other manufacturers in the watch making process associated with this brand and this is because of the fact that individual components have been self-produced or sourced from specialized suppliers. However, there are other timepieces that were produced and revitalized by other manufacturers.

12. Never sourced movement from other manufacturers

This is not true and available information shows that the Rolex Daytona collection came from ebauches from Valjoux and later Zenith as shown by horology. These are facts that prove the autonomy of the brand as it sought movement from other manufacturers.

13. Created the automatic winding mechanism

Before the coming to life of this brand, there were already pocket timepieces that had automatic winding mechanisms. British watchmaker John Harwood was the first one to create the piece in 1924.

14. Created the first winding rotor that is two sided

This is also a common myth because the first watch had its rotor swinging against the direction of the watch hand. It was launched 8 years earlier than watches from this brand.

15. Paul Newman’s Daytona brand goes for the highest prices during auction

This is not true as most of “Paul Newman” references have always ended up lower than six figures in most auctions around the world. This is far behind even the most expensive watch from this line.

16. Watches with “exotic” country codes should be avoided

The country code is a factor that has raised eyebrows based on authenticity and prices but it is important to understand that some buyers really value the LC authenticity marking that is associated with their own countries. This is no reason to therefore avoid them.

17. Developed the Alloy 904L

Being a manufacturer that is well concerned with innovations and staying ahead of the competition, the search for new and resistant materials is always on. This is not true because its high grade steel that is available in the market and used even by other manufacturers.

18. The Alloy 904L is harder than the Alloy 316L by other manufacturers

The chemical composition of Alloy 904L makes it harder as compared to Alloy 316L but this is still way below the fluctuation margins. The main distinction is based on the ability to resist corrosion and durability.

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