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3 Must-Read Books About Watches By Watch Collectors

Need recommendations for books about watches? Keep on reading

Do you want to take some time off from the internet, because you think you have possibly viewed every watch picture and read every watch fact to exist online? Then it is best to switch off your phone, keep it on the side, and make yourself a nice, warm cup of coffee, get cozy and pick one of the books that are recommended below. 

Quench your desire for learning about wristwatches. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie, or a die-hard watch fanatic, the intensity for the love of watches is the same for all. Read through the following books to find something that is not only beautifully descriptive but also unimaginably well researched. And the intricate images are just a plus, in each one of the editions. 

The Best of Time: The Rolex Wristwatches 

The Best of Time The Rolex Wristwatches James Dowling and Jeff Hess are possibly the most knowledgeable people when it comes to Rolex.  Their book, The Best of Time: The Rolex Wristwatches is one of the most intriguing and well-detailed books about Rolex. 

  • The book has two major parts. The first one talks about all the vintage beauties created by Rolex and the other part is dedicated to the modern-day time machine creation. The book also has a biological tribute to Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the brand.

Let’s not forget the best part of it all — the steller images. You would make through the 400 pages of the book in a heartbeat and wouldn’t even realize how much time has flown by.

The Watch: Thoroughly Revised

The Watch Thoroughly Revised  

Time seizes when you make a run through this book. After the great success of 2006, The Watch by Gene Stone, the author decided to give it an update with the assistance of the infamous, Stephen Pulvirent.

  • If you want to dive deep into the wells of horology, then this book clears all your curiosities. The book is less about watches and more about watch-makers. It covers 50 of the most well-known watch brands to exist in history.

Speaking of history, it also takes you into the past with some great historical facts. It covers everything from the creation of sundials to modern-day timepieces. 

The Watch Buff’s Book of Trivia 

The Watch Buff’s Book of Trivia By one of the most known watch experts, Norma Buchman’s The Watch Buff’s Book is Trivia is a delight to read. The book can even pique the interest of someone who has no interest in timepieces. It is so full of unbelievable information, that while you read it, you are up on your toes. 

  • There were moments while reading the book that the reader totally indulges in the horological world. The book talks about 473 aspects that are important when it comes to creating timeless masterpieces. 

It is hard for one to believe how much effort it takes to craft an eye-pleasing, fashionable, and functional watch. So, Buchman makes sure to tell you all about it. 


So, which one of these amazing books are you planning to buy next? Don’t forget to leave it on your coffee table, so when the next guest comes in they can enjoy the books as much as you did.

We chose just three of the many top-of-the-world watch books available in the market. If you want to take a look at more options, you can always refer to Lido Watch Club, your one-stop solution to all your watch-problems. 

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