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3 Things to Look for When Buying A Luxury Watch

What are the basics of buying a luxury watch? A luxury watch is the perfect accessory for men. It adds class, charm, and reflects the wearer’s success and social standing in a subtle way. Luxury watches are aesthetically pleasing and they help you make a powerful fashion statement amongst your peers. Along with that, they are great monetary investments as well. Their prices usually follow an upward trajectory and offer great resale value. 

If you are a newbie and haven’t purchased a luxury watch before, you may get confused. There is a wide variety of luxury watches available online or in stores. Different brands showcase different types of watches, making it a herculean task to pick and choose. There are dress watches, dive watches, military watches, mechanical watches, and the list goes on.  

To help you make the right choice, we have compiled three important factors to consider when buying a luxury watch. 

Choose a Brand of Excellent Repute and High Retail Value 

There are numerous brands of luxury watches, all of which claim to make the best watches. However, the choice of your brand should be determined by the following factors:  

  • History of the brand 
  • Current market value 
  • Projected market value 

Some brands are more valuable than others. Their watches have a higher resale value. Look for brands whose market value did not dip in the previous decades. These are the ones who will help you make money. 

Rolex, Omega, Panerai, and Breitling are examples of some brands which have ruled the world of luxury watches. Their watches may be pricier, but they are worth it. 

Be Mindful of The Wrist Fit of The Watch 

  • An ill-fitted suit looks bland, howsoever expensive it may be. Likewise, an ill-fitted luxury wristwatch will fail to add luster to your persona. The fit of the watch is an important factor to consider when choosing a luxury wristwatch. 

If you are a sturdy male, a watch with a big dial and strong face will compliment your personality. A dainty watch on a heavy wrist will look out of character. It will fail to exude strength and confidence.  

  • On the other hand, women with petite wrists should opt for a watch measure of no more than 32mm. A large watch on a delicate wrist will look more like an ill-fitted bracelet. The good thing is that luxury watches come in multiple shapes and sizes. You will definitely find something which matches your taste and physique.  

Lookout for Fake Yet Convincing Replicas 

  • Luxury watches are expensive. The market and online spaces are filled with people who try to pass on fake replicas of these watches. To the ordinary onlooker, the replicas are quite convincing.  Only an expert of the watches can tell the difference between an original watch and a duplicate. 

The original watches have solid reserve power and precise movements. Replicas are only about exterior elegance. When purchasing a luxury watch, ask the seller about the technical specifications and the warranty period as well. If you get a satisfactory answer, only then make a purchase.  

  • You run the danger of being conned into buying a replica especially if you are purchasing a pre-owned watch. Look for reliable companies that deal in preowned luxury watches.  

Lido Watch Club deals in the trade of preowned luxury watches. They provide authenticity guarantees, so that you can get a appreciating luxury watch (#aninvestmentonyourwrist) at very competitive rates through Lido Watch Club.  

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