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4 Common Mistakes Made by Rookie Watch Aficionados

Don’t repeat these common mistakes made by rookie watch collectors

Every man dreams of buying a luxury watch one day. The desire to own a luxury watch is probably next to watching your favorite football team win every time. However, not everyone has the financial means to buy one.

If you have saved up enough money to buy your first luxury watch, we congratulate you. But beware! You might make the same mistakes that every rookie watch collector makes.

Being a novice watch collector, you are new to the realm of high-end horology. This is why it is important to learn a few hacks before buying a luxury watch for the first time.

A luxury watch is a lifelong investment and an important addition to your personal belongings. It can even be passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Hence it makes sense to be extra vigilant before putting your money in one.

Lido Watch Club is a gentleman’s club which deals in the trade of preowned luxury timepieces. The experts at Lido Watch Club have brought to you the following common rookie mistakes so that you steer clear of them. 

Buying the Watch Solely As An Investment

  • Luxury watches can be great investments. They might fetch you profit if you resale them after some years, but that’s not always the case. Buying a watch solely from an investment point of view is not a smart move. Changing market dynamics and competition from other brands can lead to a depreciated value of your watch. 

If you put your money in a luxury watch with the assumption that it will pan out to be a great investment, you will be disappointed. Only buy a luxury watch when you have enough resources to do so without having to worry about the returns it will bring you.

Paying Too Much Attention to Others Opinions

  • When you are buying a luxury timepiece for the first time, you might take your peer’s opinions on which watch you should buy. While it is good to take advice from expert watch collectors, you are not obliged to buy a watch just because someone suggested it.

Most people with basic knowledge of luxury watches recommend the flashy watches which are currently in style. However, you may not like it as it simply does not match your style. Buy a watch that appeals the most to you and you are satisfied with it.

Not Considering the Usability of the Watch

All luxury watches come with different characters such as:

  • Water resistance
  • Shock-resistance
  • High-contrast dials
  • Anti-magnetism 

If you enjoy water sports, a watch with water-resistant properties will do you well. Likewise, the antimagnetic properties of a watch are important if you are exposed to strong magnetic rays because of the nature of your job. Taking into account the utility and usability of a watch are very important factors before you buy one.

mistakes made by rookie watch collectors

Ignoring the Band of the Watch Altogether

Most newbies ignore the watch’s bands when choosing a watch for themselves. The material and type of the band can modify the entire look of the watch. Take into consideration the following characteristics of the most common band materials:

  • Leather gives a vintage and formal look to the watch. Ideally, the color of the band should coordinate with the color of your shoes and belt.
  • Gold, silver, titanium are some of the common metals used for making watch bands. They are ideal for men with sturdier and more masculine wrists.
  • Plastic or rubber bands do not look as sophisticated as the above two. However, they are lightweight and a good addition to sports watches. 

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