5 Fascinating Facts about Omega Watches

These facts about Omega watches will surprise you

Omega is a Swiss luxury watch brand that has existed for over 156 years. Founded in 1848 as La Generale Watch Co., it was later renamed to Omega SA in 1982. Omega watches are known for their precision and durability. Certified by NASA as an outer-space watch and worn by navy deep-sea divers, The brand proudly boasts itself as the creator of robust time apparatus. 

Do you know how an Omega sets itself apart from the rest of the watch industry? We have compiled 5 fascinating facts about Omega watches to answer this question. Read on below. 

Exact Time for Life 

  • Observatory trials held in the 19th and 20th centuries aimed to test watch functions, durability, accuracy, and reliability. These trials presented an opportunity for the world’s top watch manufacturers to showcase their innovations. They also helped watchmakers to know what their competition is doing and how they can improve their own products. 

In 1932, Omega received the first prize in all 6 categories at the Geneva Trials. This success became known worldwide and as a result, Omega adopted its slogan “Exact Time for Life”. This slogan is a testimony of its precision and accuracy. 

NASA Certified for Space Missions

  • In 1962, an American astronaut Walter Schirra wore an Omega Speedmaster during a space mission. This was arguably the first time a watch was taken to outer space. As the Speedmaster performed well without any error it was taken up by the scientists at NASA. They tested it vigorously and certified it to be the only watch suitable for space travel. 

In 1969, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin also wore their Speedmaster in the famous Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Neil Armstrong used his Speedmaster as a viable replacement for the lunar module’s watch. Buzz Aldrin wore his Speedmaster during the famous lunar walk.

  • Omega is one of the few brands that proudly boast about its watches being certified for space travel. To this day, most astronauts prefer to wear an Omega Speedmaster for space missions. 

Magnetic Field Resistant

Anti-magnetic watches were introduced recently in 2013. They used a soft iron casing on the inside that shielded the movement from magnetic fields. In this way, the reliability of the watches was not affected. However, Omega continued testing viable options for improving this feature. 

  • In 2015 Omega introduced the Globemaster, which promised to resist very strong magnetic fields. The Globemaster featured anti-magnetic movements as well as a complete redesign that provided unmatched durability and reliability. 

Due to the success of Globemaster, Omega is introducing the anti-magnetism feature in its other watches as well. 

British Navy’s Favorite Watch

  • In 1932, the British Navy sailors and divers were using the Omega Marine. They opted for this model because it worked flawlessly even in deep water pressure conditions. Omega launched its Seamaster in 1948 as a specialized dive watch. It was tested to perform well under high-stress environments such as swim racing and diving. 

Even today, Omega Speedmaster and Marine are the preferred choices for swimmers and divers, due to its reliability and sturdy capabilities. 

facts about omega watches

Celebrity’s Choice

  • Luxury watches, especially Omega watches are frequently featured in James Bond’s and other Hollywood movies. George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Prince William, Michelle Wie, Elvis Presley, Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR President), and John F. Kennedy (US President) are a few, among the list of many, world-renowned personalities that own Omega Watches. 

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