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A Book Review of A Man & His Watch by Matthew Hranek

Read our book review of A Man & His Watch to find out if this is the right book for you

Matt Hranek’s The Man and His Watch is full of fascinating city hall stories that are linked to personal stories and biography of famous characters. If you are skeptical about reading this book or skipping it, this guide will help clear your mind.

Background & History

  • A New Yorker watch and apparel collector Matthew Hranek has traveled the world, interviewed many people, owns numerous exclusive collections, and possesses previously unknown stories of 76 watches along with stunning original photos of each piece. 

He then poured in all his knowledge in a single book which you know by the name of “A Man and His Watch”.

Book’s Intro

  • Matt Hranek’s A Man and His Watch was published in late October 2017 by Artisan/Workman Books. Its subtitle is also really interesting which is: “Iconic Watches and Stories of the People Who Wear”. The second edition ’Man and His Watch’ came out in October 2020, after the first issue went on sale.

This coffee table book for the audience has resonated with many watch enthusiasts. 

Book Presentation

  • If you follow the rule i.e. judge the book by its cover, you won’t be disappointed. This book is packaged in a nice, thick hard cardboard cover. To give it a stunning and ravishing look the book features a Rolex Daytona watch owned by the legendary Paul Newman.

But if you look closely, more drama is going on with the book cover. The main contour of the watch is embossed on the case cover of the hand and the handle of the Oyster bracelet.

Engaging Stories

  • A Man and His Watch is recommended especially because of its intervention skills. This book is a collection of stories about watches and men who own and wear them. The story is not about the watch, it’s about emotions and memories. This book exploits the emotional connection watch owners have with their watches. 

The story of the watches we love is more than their design. It’s more than a brand.

  • This book has many stories related to the watch owner’s memories. Hodinkee’s founder Ben Clymer shares the story of his Speedmaster Mark 40. He is not only an interesting watchmaker but also associates his Speedmaster with his grandfather who was obsessed with Kleimer watches.

book review of a man & his watch must read

Stunning Image Content

  • “Man and His Watch” totally delights its reader with its stunning photography and image content. Typography and copy editing can benefit from the same editorialist that was clearly served on images. 

The readers fall into the unique collection of untold stories of 76 watches because of stunning original photos of each piece.

Illustrative Watch Examples

  • This book contains many stunning watch samples with its functionality and an engaging watch owner’s story. The book features many watch samples like Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco, Kenta Watanabe Casing G-Shock Indigo, Casio F-7, multiple Rolex models, etc.

In a Nutshell

  • If you are trying to convince someone to buy a watch, give him this book The Man and His Watch, and see what happens. This book is overall fantastic, and its success stories create more interest for you to look into different watches. It contains a watch worn by certain brands/references, historical events. 

Surely, after reading this review, you must be curious about reading this book. It is an interesting and informative book for newbies and veteran watch lovers.

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