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3 Remarkable Differences Between Luxury and Cheap Watches

Why do Luxury watches cost more? Here’s a rundown of the main differences between luxury and common watches

A watch is an important accessory. Any man worth his salt knows the importance of time and wearing a watch is the first step towards making the most of it. However, the world of horology is complex and diverse. It is filled with different types and classes of watches. 

Even though they serve the same purpose i.e. tell time, they differ in their appearance, purpose, worthiness, and price.

The world of horology is filled with timepieces ranging from $50 to $50,000. The high-end and expensive watches have rightly been termed as luxury watches. They are produced by some of the best and most renowned brands of watches. 

If you are a watch aficionado, you might wonder if the high price tags for luxury watches are justified? Lido Watch Club explains to you why luxury watches are different from low-end watches and what makes them so expensive.

differences between luxury and common watches

Workmanship and Skill

  • The first difference between luxury and ordinary watches lies in the level of skilled labor that goes into the making of luxury watches. Luxury watches are prepared by skilled watchmakers that are veterans of their field and remain dedicated to watchmaking their entire lives.  

The making of luxury watches involves the application of complex engineering. Even though watches are dainty and small, they are made of hundreds of tiny parts all of which are sewn together meticulously. 

  • More than a year’s effort and craftsmanship goes into the manufacturing of one Rolex watch. On the other hand, ordinary watches are mass-produced. They are manufactured within no time and with very little effort. The difference in the level of craftsmanship becomes apparent in the quality of casing, bracelet, and watch face.  

Materials Used for Manufacturing

The difference in the quality of watches can be observed when we compare the materials used for luxury and ordinary watches. Take for e.g. the quality and material of glass that is used for watch faces. Cheap watches use average quality mineral glass which usually lies in the lower end of the price spectrum.

  • Whereas, the glass faces of luxury watches are made from good quality crystals such as sapphire. They are rare and carry a high price tag. Sapphire crystals are prone to breakage and resistance. They have a much longer life compared to mineral glass. Watch faces of luxury watches are scratch and damage-resistant whereas low-end watches are prone to damage.

Good quality glass faces contribute to the excellent aesthetics of luxury watches. Luxury watches are adorned with good quality crystals which help in preventing metal to metal resistance. These crystals include rubies and sapphires. 

  • Ordinary watches are not adorned with any such crystals. 

Complex Manufacturing Methods

Luxury watches come with a much higher price tag because complex manufacturing and engineering methods are involved in their making. Due to this, luxury watches have high accuracy and display precise results.

A lot goes into the making of luxury watches. The refinement attributed to luxury watches is due to the following reasons:

  • Good quality hand finishing
  • Use of excellent materials like non-reflective glass
  • Use of hand bevelling and hand engraving techniques

Luxury watches are inundated with complex features that add value to them. For e.g. diver watches are water and pressure-resistant. Most luxury watches also have an accurate stopwatch feature. 

Contrary to that, cheap watches only tell time. In some cases, they tell day and date, but they lack the complex and fine features of luxury watches. Hence, the higher price tag for luxury watches is justified. 

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