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How to Collect Watches Like The Shark – Kevin O’Leary (Part I)

How to Collect Watches Like a Shark: Kevin O’Leary’s Investment-Minded Approach to His Personal Watch Collection (Part I)

Few are shocked to hear that a celebrity is battling an addiction or vice. However, there is one well-known television personality and mogul who admits to an “addiction” that certainly turns heads. You may know Kevin O’Leary from his many seasons on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” What you may not be aware of is that the mogul, investor and television star is also known for his unbridled passion for one specific luxury item. Yes, Kevin O’Leary is hooked on high-end watches.

Kevin O’Leary isn’t afraid to let the world know that he’s hopelessly devoted to hoarding timepieces. What’s more, there are many nuggets of wisdom for the average watch enthusiast to take away from the bold, passionate approach O’Leary takes when building his personal collection of highly desirable and elite timepieces. How do you collect watches like a mogul? Let’s take a look at the story behind the watch collection of a shark with sharp taste!

A Glance At Kevin O'Leary's Most Satisfying Investment

It’s easy to assume that a rich man like Kevin O’Leary jumped on the watch bandwagon later in life because that’s simply what people with a lot of money do. However, this millionaire’s watch obsession is deeply rooted in some of his earliest childhood memories. O’Leary had what can only be described as a very rich and well-traveled childhood. By adolescence, he had visited more places on the globe than most people do in a lifetime. O’Leary’s step-father had a career at the United Nations that took the family to countries like France, Germany, Japan, Cambodia, Cyprus and Ethiopia.

However, there was one particular spot on the globe that made a big impression on O’Leary early on in his life. As you may know, the United Nations has a healthy amount of offices in Geneva, Switzerland. This is a place where a young O’Leary spent a significant amount of time as a child. You might say that the gears really began churning as he soaked up the industriousness and passion for innovation found in the watch capital of the world. It was in this city that he was first introduced to watches by his step-father.

Kevin O’Leary eventually moved back to his birth country of Canada after spending years on a whirlwind tour of some of the world’s most dynamic cities. This is the place where he launched a career that would launch billions of dollars in revenue in everything from tech to healthcare. However, his fascination with impeccable watches never left him. Geneva never left him.

Kevin’s O’Leary’s track record as an investor and mogul is well-known. He made a name for himself in the software world when he sold a company specializing in educational software that he built from the ground up for an astonishing $4.2 billion. O’Leary is also a seasoned venture capitalist, best-selling author and well-known television personality. The world now knows that he is also a devoted and enthusiastic watch collector. What’s more, he sees his statuses as a smart investor and watch addict as being one in the same. He has shared some tips for collecting watches along the way that we can all apply to our personal collections. Let’s see how an investor with a proven track record builds a smart, stylish watch collection.

What Can Collecting Watches Teach Us About Business and Life?

A man like Kevin O’Leary doesn’t just view watch collecting as a quaint hobby. He approaches it with the careful calculation and strategy that he applies to all of his endeavors and investments. In fact, we can learn a lot about leading a purposeful life just by following some tips from O’Leary regarding the how and why of collecting watches. Let’s take a look at lessons for life and business that can be learned by watch collecting if you model your approach after Kevin O’Leary.

Make Each Watch Purchase Meaningful

There’s no doubt that countless business students have carefully studied and watched the way Kevin O’Leary handles business ventures and investments. His approach to business is the stuff of MBA classes and business-management books. However, there is also much to be learned by observing what might seem like the mogul’s random pattern for buying watches. There’s nothing random about it.

You’ve heard of the expression of “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” It turns out that Kevin O’Leary is a firm believer in wearing your success on your wrist. Kevin O’Leary lives by the philosophy that every watch you buy should be associated with a positive event in your life. In fact, he claims that the secret to really treasuring your watches for a long time is to treat yourself to a watch every time you celebrate a success! That means that we can assume that every shiny band that catches the light from O’Leary’s wrist is actually a symbol of a major milestone in his life. The mogul celebrates with a high-end timepiece every time he sells another company, closes on a deal or lands a major media contract.

He essentially builds a collection where every watch is associated with a major success. Of course, O’Leary isn’t simply into treating himself for the sake of treating himself. He sees his “celebration” watches as smart investments. Most people might celebrate a big success with a trip to Las Vegas or tropical cruise. That’s not for O’Leary. He simply doesn’t see the value in spending big bucks on a fleeting pleasure when you can have a shiny talisman on your wrist to remind you of your achievement for decades to come! You may be wondering exactly how Kevin selects watches that are worthy of celebrating the successes of one of the most celebrated moguls of the modern age.

Next week, we’ll explore how a master investor invests in his personal watch collection.

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