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How to Successfully Sell a Luxury Watch?

Watch collectors share their two cents on how to sell a luxury watch

You have owned a luxury watch for quite some time and you now wish to purchase a new one. Perhaps there’s a brand new model or a sleeker design that has caught your eye. Or maybe you have grown tired of the same watch and simply want to replace it with a different one. However, there is one problem: luxury watches are expensive. 

If you are not too attached to your watch and don’t mind selling it, you can use the following tips and sell it at a profitable price. This way you can save money while buying a new one. Let us see what are some hacks for selling luxury watches at good rates.

Product Photography is important

  • Marketing researchers studied the effects of photographs on consumer purchase decision for products which are sold online. They concluded that having at least 3 good photographs increased purchase probability by 60%.

Most sellers underestimate the power of photos when they are selling their products online. A customer prefers to see the product before buying it. Good photographs posted online with the advertisement fulfill this requirement. 

  • You don’t have to hire a professional photographer. Just clean your watch and set it down on a surface that magnifies its aesthetics. Take good quality photographs from different angles. You can also take a photograph of yourself wearing it. A simple photo editing software can be used to brighten up the photographs and you’re done. 

Record Authenticates Originality

  • Most sellers simply put up an advertisement for selling their watches but forget to mention all the details. If you have the original box, manuals, warranty card, and proof of payment, you can demand a higher price. These details act as a guarantee towards the watch’s originality. 

If you have extra links, service, and repair records or any other accessories, be sure to mention them in the details as well.

  • Providing details in writing also saves you from the hassle of a refund if a customer decides to return the watch after discovering any defect. 

Be as Descriptive as You Can

  • While writing down the product description, make sure to mention as many details as you can. You should start by writing its model number, make, and year. You can write about its overall condition and how long it has been in your possession.

You can do the customers a favor by mentioning the watch’s features and why it can be considered a good purchase. You can suggest the watch’s compatibility with clothes and events too.

Promote it Online

  • One of the best ways to promote your advertisement is to post it online on different social media platforms. The most widely used platform is Instagram as it delivers just the right amount of information. 

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Platform Matters

  • You can also select a variety of online platforms like eBay and Amazon to sell your watch online. Selling online has its risks and cons so it is better to do your research beforehand. There are e-auction platforms where you can set it up for bidding but beware of their hidden charges and commissions. 

If you’re interested in selling your watch but want to avoid the hassle of finding customers, you can choose the services of a luxury watch trading company such as Lido Watch Club. This gentleman’s club deals in the trade of luxury watches. 

Lido Watch Club has a team of in-house experts who inspect your watch and buy it at fair market value. Your watch will then be displayed in their catalog and will eventually find its way onto the wrist of a new owner.  

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