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4 Astonishing Misconceptions about Luxury Watches

Misconceptions about luxury watches that you need to stop believing

Luxury watches have been in style for three centuries. Even the tech-savvy and innovative smartwatches have not been able to steal their thunder. If an accessory has been around for so long, certain myths and misconceptions are bound to get attached to it. Luxury watches carry their fair share of misconceptions and we are here to debunk them for you.

For a newbie, the world of high-end horology can be daunting. Luxury watches are, after all, quite complicated. Their exclusivity does not allow the common man to understand them very well rather he can only appreciate them from far away. 

If you are a newbie luxury watch collector, it is important to clear up the misconceptions before making your first purchase.

Lido Watch Club presents you top 4 misconceptions about luxury watches.

Buying a Luxury Watch is Putting Money Down the Drain

  • Luxury watches are expensive and there is no denying it. This gives rise to a misconception that investing in one is like putting money down the drain. However, this is not true. Luxury watches offer good value for money. There are several reasons why they come with a high price tag.

A lot of time, effort, and skill goes into the making of luxury watches. Luxury watch brands use the best material, best watchmakers, and carry out extensive research to meet the highest quality standards. 

  • They are manufactured through a combination of skills, finesse, and marvelous engineering. Hence the lofty price tags they carry are justified considering the effort which goes into their making. 

More Jewels Mean Better Quality and Higher Price Tag

Most luxury watches are adorned with jewels such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. A lot of people presume that if a watch is adorned with heavy jewels, it is an indicator of its excellent quality. This is not necessarily true. Jewels are placed on watches to minimize metal to metal friction. 

  • The parts of the watch that are likely to suffer from wear and tear are decorated with jewels. Even though precious jewels are quite pricey, these days watchmakers use synthetically created jewels for watches that do not have much value. They only serve the purpose of protecting the watch against wear and tear.

Hence you should bear in mind that if a watch is adorned with jewels, it does not mean that it should also carry a higher price tag. To determine the real value of the jewels on a watch, you should ask if the jewels are natural or if they are synthetically-made. 

All Components of Swiss Watches are Made in Switzerland

  • Switzerland is the reigning queen of the world of horology. The words ‘Swiss made’ are a stamp of approval for the watch’s quality and finesse. However, not all components of swiss-made watches are manufactured in Switzerland. 

If a watch says swiss-made, it means that up to 50% of parts of the watch were manufactured in Switzerland while the remaining parts were outsourced from other places. Swiss-made also means that the final touches to the watch were added in Switzerland. 

  • Swiss-made watches comply with the highest quality standards for luxury watches. So if you buy a swiss-made watch, you should have no doubts regarding its quality even if all components of the watch are not manufactured in Switzerland. 

misconceptions about luxury watches

Preowned Luxury Watches are No Good

Some watch experts claim that investing in preowned luxury watches is a waste of money. It is a commonly held notion that preowend luxury watches offer poor value for money. This is not true. Buying preowned luxury watches is an ideal way to start a luxury watch collection if you are on a budget.

Lido Watch Club deals in the trade of preowned luxury watches. You should look them up if you want to own good quality luxury watches that don’t cost you an arm and leg.   

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