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Nadal Wins Tennis Championships Sporting His $725,000 Watch

There are few competition finals that draw in exclusive and upscale spectators like the US Open Men’s Tennis Championships. And this year’s match up between Nadal and Medvedev definitely did not disappoint. Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev both gave it their all on the clay this year making a spectacular display of athleticism, skill and strength.

While many fans of the sport were enamored with the match itself, we watch enthusiasts were drawn to something else. What seemed to truly steal the show for us at Lido Watch Club even more than the tennis itself was Rafael Nadal’s watch!

Being a brand ambassador for the luxury watch company Richard Mille since 2010, Nadal is no stranger to sporting a sophisticated men’s watch that piques our interest. At this year’s US Open’s final match, he was wearing a $725,000 timepiece specifically made for the tennis pro and his unique talents on the court.Watch collectors all over the globe were noticing the bright red and yellow band that encircled Rafael Nadal’s wrist while he was playing.

This Richard Mille piece is built to be beautiful as well as durable. The model RM27-03 from Richard Mille is a watch that any spectator could not help but catch a glimpse of during each break in play. Our Lido Watch Club members love this watch, for its creative design in addition to its innovative durability. It is an awe-inspiring piece with a delicate weight of 20 grams. The inner workings include a small cage that contains a balance spring to adapt for movement. Specifically designed to adapt to his personal style of play, this watch is able to withstand 10,000 G’s of force without wavering.

The watch itself is not only a work of art, but a true innovation in design. The baseplate is made of Carbon TPT® to provide the strength and endurance that is needed for Nadal’s aggressive style of play. It has a power reserve of 70 hours with a manual winding tourbillon; perfect for a five-hour-long tennis match to win another championship for the esteemed Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal’s opponent Medvedev certainly held his own within the match. Although he had to endure a loss in the end, the Russian native will certainly not be overshadowed by Nadal’s watches in any future matches. Daniil Medvedev has recently announced that he has committed to become a luxury watch brand ambassador as well.

Medvedev will be sporting some grandeur around his own wrist at future tennis matches; with the help of Bovet 1822. Bovet has been in the business of luxury men’s watches for almost two centuries. They are known for their artistry in watch making, and will surely turn an eye or two on the tennis court.

Watch collectors everywhere are starting to become fans of tennis; because of these ambassadors. We are all now looking for thrills on the court as well as the wrist. All over the globe, people will tune into the match to see the gorgeous men’s watches that are worn as well as how well they are standing up to the sport.

And you know that Lido Watch Club will be right there too!

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