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10 Priceless Tips for Novice Watch Collectors (Part II)

Without further ado, our final 10 Priceless Tips for Novice Watch Collectors are continued here…

6) Make a Move on the Right Type of Movement

There is a great divide in the watch market between watches that contain in-house movements and watches that contain outsourced movements. You can look at this two different ways. The immediate thought is that a product with an outsourced movement is an inferior piece. This is certainly true to an extent. However, many brands that outsource their movements have very close relationships with the companies that produce their mechanical movements. However, some pickier collectors are only satisfied by watches with movements and cases that were constructed by the same hands. One advantage of this is that repairs can often be made more easily.

7) Build a Fad-Proof Collection

You will see that a new trend or theory regarding watch design will sweep through every few years. The watch world isn’t immune to the “fashion trends” that come about in culture. However, collecting based on fads can be a big mistake when you’re building a heritage collection. Yes, you should enjoy the aesthetics of the watches you choose.

However, you shouldn’t choose a watch simply based on the way it fits what’s “in style” at the moment. This means that watches should not be purchased solely on the basis of band slimness or face diameter. Specific style elements do not help watches to retain their value. Instead, look at the “whole picture” of the watch to determine if its features will create sustained value and interest.

8) Take Care of Your Assets

You’re potentially about to increase the total value of what’s inside your home by tens of thousands of dollars if you’re in the beginning stages of building a watch collection. It’s necessary to prepare accordingly. Do have an at-home safe waiting to safely tuck your watch away when it arrives. In addition, it’s worth considering adjusting your home’s insurance policy to make sure your collection is covered.

9) Resist the Temptation to Personalize Your Watch Collection

You will be putting your own signature on every timepiece you bring into your collection. However, it’s important to make sure you’re not doing this on a literal basis. Never engrave your name on your watch if you want it to retain even an iota of value. In addition, alterations like gems or etchings should never be added to a timepiece. There are two big risks to altering your timepiece. The first is that doing so may drastically reduce the resale value of your watch. The second is that a watch manufacturer may not service a watch that has been altered.

10) Only Do It If You Love It

Yes, there is the potential to make money back on your investment as a watch collector. However, you should never build your collection with the view that your timepieces are only investments. This is a highly personal and satisfying endeavor that allows you to combine your appreciation for fine things with the thrill of snagging unique, exquisite pieces. Simply focusing on the investment aspect removes the enjoyment aspect. Keep in mind that you may never actually sell your watches in your lifetime. You may instead leave behind expressions of your personal taste and values for your children or grandchildren to enjoy one day!

Are You a Watch Watcher?

If you consider yourself a novice watch collector, it may be time to make the leap to a more mature approach to collecting. Lido Watch Club invites you to expand your horizons in the watch world using a platform that provides access to impeccable timepieces representing a variety of brands and vintages. Let us help you find your next investment timepiece.

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