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The 5 Rolex Models You Should Buy Now

It is no doubt that Rollies have the best of brands when it comes to men’s watches in the market today and getting the right one for yourself means having the correct information. There are many trusted Rolex models dealers in the market today and as a result, you may be overwhelmed with marketing trends that are designed to get the attention of all buyers. Enthusiasts from the lido watch club have a different opinion over a wide range of brands. Watch lovers are likely to find it difficult when it comes to choosing which brand to go for. This is because of the differentiation and unique features that characterize each one of these models.

Since Rolex watches is considered to be among the most collectible brands of watches in the world, choosing the right one means a great investment in watches. Forbes ranked it as the 64th most powerful brand worldwide in 2017, and the company continues to enjoy success in its business ventures. This article highlights five most unique models of rolex that you should buy and add to your collection of men’s watches among your accessories.

The Top 5 Models:

1. Submariner (Ref 116610)

If you are looking for a watch based on popularity, then this is the best brand to go for. The watch is durable and also designed in a sporty way to complete that handsome look on you. Its sleek appearance offers you a watertight deep diving security of about 300m and is famous with resale shoppers.

This is a brand that gives you great value for your money and at the same time features a taste of both ancient and contemporary world. The uniqueness of this watch can be summed up in terms of its looks. You also need to know that the watch has a high value on the resale market and therefore counterfeited in most cases. A majority of lido watch club members have given this brand a 5 star rating because of its unique features. It is therefore advisable that you should only buy from certified and genuine dealers. This model of rolex watch retails for about $8,550. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity when purchasing it.

2. Daytona Rolex Models (Ref 116500)

Introduced to the market in 2016, this is the first brand from this line to feature a ceramic patented material that is resistant to scratch and ultraviolet rays. This is the best rolex model watch which is equipped with unique improvements from the history and at the same time features color brands that are different from other brands. Named after America’s auto racing city, the watch is accompanied with unique aesthetics that have three dials. Its speed, luxury and unique performance collapsed into one of the best watches to have ever been made. It is a popular watch with celebrities all over the world and comes with a price that indicates perhaps its value. The current model retails at a price of $25,000.

3. Pepsi – GMT Masters II (Ref 126710)

The Pepsi -GMT Masters II Ref 126710 is a unique brand that you will find appealing if you are always looking after class. Originally curated to meet the needs of international pilots, it is a watch that is remarkable in every way. The watch has a 24hours rotating bezel and lets you read three different time locations at once. Its unique dials are meant to exude luxury and at the same time give you a unique feeling that is unmatched in the market. On top of its usefulness, the watch is made up of unique aesthetics and resonates well with both casual and official wear. It is one of the most coveted watches by potential buyers and comes with a price that is unbeatable in the luxury watches industry. The original model retails at a price of $9,250 and has continued to appreciate over the years.

4. Skydweller (Ref 326934)

This is a fantastic watch that blends between looks and functionality when serving you. The watch is produced in a variety of finishes thus letting you the buyer to choose from what excites you along the way. Its name is aimed at sending the message to you that it is waterproof and a Lido Watch Club master for sailors. The large hands and bold numbers are two unique features that make this watch easily identifiable. In addition to that, they make time reading easy even when in very difficult situations. It is built to last longer and this makes the value fluctuate from time to time. It is a robust brand that appears timeless and thus making it very popular especially in the resale market. Its demand has picked up in the market over the years and now retails at a price of $14,000.

5. Vintage Daytona Gold 6263 Paul Newman

The Vintage Gold 6263 Paul Newman model is a valuable investment and most lido watch club members have ranked it higher. Many buyers tend to appreciate this timepiece because of a number of features that were copied from its vintage model to its contemporary look. It is simple and streamlined in terms of appearance while on the other hand blending so well with both casual and official wear. The watch comes in 950 platinum or 18 carat gold look and thus gives you a high return on investment. Its durability is something to be admired and proven to be resistant to scratches or water. Its sensible functionality and timeless look makes it expensive in the market. It is also important to note that the watch looks smaller than some of the sporting brands in the market. Its price ranges from $11,000 to $75,000.

The question remains, of these five unique brands, which one holds its value in the best way? The Submariner 116610 is the best that makes it to the top in this particular listing. Despite the fact that the watch is made from gold which occasionally increases in its price, this brand remains popular among watch lovers because of its timeless look and reliability. It is possible to predict future trends in this model rolex. It is therefore important to choose a watch that appeals to your personality type. Go for a most iconic rolex models whose edition is limited and this is strategic because it will provide you with high returns when it comes to reselling. The profits will certainly be in your favor at that point.

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