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The History of Panerai Watches

Panerai men’s watches have a vibrant trail of history that dates back to ancient times. The brilliant mind behind the craftsmanship is known as Giovanni Panerai. Additionally, he made outstanding watches that have become prominent up to date. At Lido Watch Club, we fully appreciate these remarkably amazing timepieces. The primary watches that have continued to gain ground are Luminor and Radiomir. They are meticulously gorgeous with their origin in Italy. From the 1990s, the products became accessible in the market. Let’s unearth the story that made the watches eminent with time.

How Did It All Start?

In 1860, Giovanni established a watch manufacturing company in the industrious Florence. He partnered with the navy as he made compasses and gauges for them. Further, it was until 1938 that he rose to fame by making men’s watches. Officine Panerai was the firm that produced the inner parts of the Rolex Submariner watch commissioned exclusively for the Italian Navy. The best part is that the Radiomir design had unique features that impressed the navy. The highlight was that they had the ultimate legibility and water-resistance, as well. The diameter was 47 millimeters in size, making it stand out from a distance. The venture also worked with Rolex at the time to bring out masterpiece stuff. It gave rise to Rolex Daytona of today.

The organization also designed watches for the Egyptian navy. It was in 1965 that it strived to supply Radiomir that was quite sought after due to its attributes. The diameter of the water was 60 millimeters with a robust frame. What’s more, it exhibited water resistance traits; hence, it was top of the range. The manufacturers named it Egiziana, and it had a bezel that calculated the diving time.


The watches then underwent a period of development in the 1940s. The change was inevitable since Radiomir had radioactive elements in its make. The main constituent that Radiomir had was radium. On that account, it was eliminated from the market and paved the way for more fascinating products. Luminor took over, and it became popular due to its aesthetic beauty.

As for the design, Luminor utilized radium in considerable quantities to lure customers. The other element that the company used was tritium. The legendary model came with arrays of features that made it the best watch in history. It had a crown protector in its model that makes it waterproof. Moreover, the protector catches the eye of any buyer from first glance. Its dimensions are 47 millimeters that are utterly attractive and noticeable. The watch has continued to be the best in the industry as it has distinctive hallmarks.


The watches have remained a gem since they possess rare specifications, as aforementioned. Officine prides in exclusive collections that were only seen once in 2005. Since the company had dedicated time to make the items for the navy, they became rare with time. Its target audience was the navy as its features suited them. For instance, they had to be water-resistant, and the navy spent the most time in the sea. Therefore, it had a ready market that was never disappointed at all. The material was of high quality, and the final products were breathtaking alike. Today, the watches remain classy due to their sheer uniqueness. The best part is that they last long and worth every penny that you pay.

Modern Appearances

Officine decided to expand its market from the navy to the eager public in 1993. The company was not known to many people during this time. However, with its amazing pieces such as Radiomir and Luminor, it could match up to Patek Philippe. It became one of Hollywood’s top-notch collections in 1996. Sylvester Stallone wore Luminor design in the movie “Daylight,” promoting the brand unknowingly. It was the crowning moment of the company and it thrived since then.

For this reason, Officine was grateful to the actor and labeled the pieces with the words “Slytech” or “Daylight.” The titles referred to Stallone, who had the nickname Sly. He also had the watch on during the “Expendables” film.

Other modern appearances in films included Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wore it during the Eraser. Furthermore, DMX adorned the watch as he acted in the famous movie “Exit Wounds-the Copjager.” Jason Statham is another actor who fancied the Luminor watch and featured it in “Transporter-The Mission.” It shows how the product is top of the line since many acclaimed actors have worn it in Hollywood. We believe they are arguably the finest sport watches around.

For further reading, our friend, fellow Panerai enthusiast and collector, Jose Pereztroika, is a Panerai expert and has compiled a ton of data on his site, specifically these illustrative infographic timelines… which we love!

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