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Top 18 Rolex Myths & Misconceptions Debunked (Part I)

Rolex is the most recognized luxury watch brand worldwide, and it also happens to be one of the most innovative business brands in the world today. As a result of this, there have been a number of myths that have sprung over the years regarding Rolex.

This two-part article provides you with the truth behind some of the most popular myths concerning Rolex watches and the entire brand and our effort on debunking the myths and misconceptions:

1. They Don’t Tick

This is the most common falsehood thrown around especially when it comes to identifying a fake watch from this brand. The myth is as a result of the thinking that “ticking” is associated with Quartz watches which are cheap.

2. Never Made Quartz Watches

This is false because Quartz watches have been part and parcel of this luxury brand over the years. The in-house brand of Quartz watches include Cal. 5035 and Cal. 5055 which were made in 1977.

3. The only ever used golden watch is the 18K gold

Yes, this is a fact but only nowadays and only 18K gold is in the market with unique features. There is even a pink gold alloy nicknamed “Everose” that made its way into the market in the year 2005. However, there have been other vintage watches found in 9k and 14k gold and even the golden shell brand that was once on sale.

4. Casebacks do not have any markings

This is untrue as compared to other luxury watches in the market today because the caseback plays a critical role when it comes to engravings. For example, the Milgauss 116400 has the word “MILGAUSS” on its periphery. Even though it is rare, the myth that these casebacks do not have any markings is not true and can be misleading especially when determining authenticity.

5. They don’t make complicated watches

This is a myth that originated from thinkers who argue that watches from this brand are simple but of high quality. However, this is far away from facts as they are. A complicated watch is one that has other functions that go beyond just telling time. The dual time features and annual calendars are two unique features that prove the complexity of these watches. Water resistance and customization to serve different time zones for pilots also serve to add to the complex nature.

6. It is the most expensive watch manufacturer worldwide

This is not true as there are other brands in the market that go for a higher price even during auction such as Patek Philippe. The Daytona Albino is the only watch that has ever recorded the highest price under this brand.

7. It is a Swiss-American Watch brand manufacturer

This is an originally Swiss brand and all watches originate from Switzerland. The reason why it is mostly associated with America and Britain is the fact that it was founded in London and always follows American brand and business strategy.

8. Established the first watch testing center to certify watch accuracy

Many destinations around the world had observatories whose focus on accuracy especially for speed and ship at sea was influential. The only certification that can be attributed to this brand is that of wristwatches and the emphasis on the importance of simple and portable timepieces by its founder.

9. Can be exchanged anywhere for cash

It is no doubt that watches in this line are a quick asset and some have termed it as a currency on its own. However, conversion to cash only depends on whether the potential buyer is able to recognize its value and worth.

To be continued in Part II (next week)…

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