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Vintage Watch Books Every Watch-Enthusiast Must Read

Craving to read interesting books about watches? Here’s a list of vintage watch books that you have to read

Previously, watch books were just about branded watches and their profiles. It merely looked like some sort of catalog — which was not as interesting to many watch-nerds. We had to turn to different magazines to have a look at good watches. And the written parts of it were usually quite dull and did not offer quality.

Recently, we have started to notice little changes. The watch-enthusiasts are being directly addressed, we hear secrets, personal experiences, and such soulfulness is added in the newer editions. These watch books not only provide information but also spike your interest in them. You can find detailed history and the cultural significance associated with each timepiece. 

We have collected a list of top vintage watch books that every watch enthusiast must read! 

Chasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector by Alistair Gibbons

The time of the early 2000s was when mechanical watches became popular. We were all equipped with the digital world, and everyone believed them to be far more accurate. A mechanical watch, however, has a lot more history and soul to it. 

The collection that is shown in this book has vintage watches with detailed research that catches the attention of an enthusiast. It also lays light on the watches from the 20th-century era, from 1930 to 1980. Some of the most popular watches included are Universal space Compax, Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Zenith De Luca. 

A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek

  • In this book, the author has written about people’s personal experiences with timepieces. He asked his audiences to talk about their most favorite watch and the reasons behind their liking towards it. This book is one of its kind. Whether it is your grandfather’s watch or the latest Ralph Lauren — Matt Hranke made us realize something. 

He genuinely led us to believe the value of any product resides in the owner and his personality. These stories help the reader to connect with the people who are talked about in this book. After reading this book, you will look down at your collection in a different way. 

The Wristwatch Handbook by Ryan Schmidt 

the wristwatch handbook by ryan schimidtIf you are a person who is not into the latest digital watches, then this book is for you. In this book, Ryan deeply explains mechanical watches. The best part about this book is its simplicity. It is effortless for any layman to understand and digest the information. 

Not only that, coupled with the use of metaphors, it makes an interesting read. Schmidt has also used beautiful images to portray the watch collection. 



The Impossible Collection of Watches by Nick Foulkes

the impossible collection of watches by nick foulkesNick wrote this book on various significant watches. In this collection, he has talked about 100 different watches ranging from simple pocket watches to luxurious watches made for royalty. 

He has also included the best sports watches and some classics. His essay about watches is one of the best you could read right now. The book is a masterpiece that you will probably hand down to generations to continue its legacy. 


Drive time by Aaron Sigmond, Sea Time by Aaron Sigmond and Mark Bernardo

drive time by aaron sigmond

  • Aaron Sigmond, who is also a cigar expert, is a famous watch collector. In DriveTime, he has added the watches which are meant to be used in motorsports. Sea Time includes watches that are water friendly. 

These books will make you realize how many options there are in the world of watches. Both the authors have added a lot of history and cultural importance to engage its readers. The pictures include beautiful representations, which will keep you thoroughly engrossed.

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