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5 Must-Know Etiquettes of Wearing and Owning a Luxury Watch

Owning a luxury watch is simply not enough. Here are some important etiquettes to learn

Luxury watches are expensive accessories. Because of the high price they carry, they are exclusive to a particular echelon of the social hierarchy. A luxury watch is different from your everyday accessories. Owning a luxury watch or watches isn’t enough. There are some rules and etiquettes for wearing and carrying a luxury watch the proper way.

Anybody who owns a luxury watch should also know the dos and don’ts of wearing it. If you are new to the world of high-end horology, we recommend you to read and imbibe the dos and don’ts of wearing a luxury watch. These tips are brought to you by the Lido Watch Club which deals in the trade of pre-owned luxury watches.

Luxury Watches Aren’t Exclusive to Any One Wrist

  • It is an unsaid rule among watch aficionados that luxury watches are only to be worn on the left wrist. This is because 90% of the world’s population is right-handed and the left hand is usually the dormant hand. However, this unsaid rule is changing now. You can don the luxury watch on either of the wrists.

There isn’t any stigma in taking the unconventional road and wearing the watch on your right wrist. Especially if you are left-handed, it would be more convenient for you to wear the watch on your right wrist. The placement of the watch on either of your wrists is totally a personal choice and nobody will judge you for it. 

Dive Watches and Suits are A No No

  • Yes, we know that James Bond wore a dive watch with a suit but the actor was playing the fictional character of a spy. Dive watches and suits don’t mix and match because these watches are quite bulky. Due to their heavy size, they usually protrude from under the suit’s jacket and appear to be a misfit.

Dive watches look good with casual attires. They look best with swimsuits, but they are a mismatch for a formal suit.

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Pair Your Watch with the Right Outfit

All watches serve the same primary function i.e. they tell time. However, a watch enthusiast who knows owning a luxury watch isn’t enough is aware that not every watch can be paired with every outfit. Listed below are the most accepted norms of pairing a luxury watch with the right outfit for the right event:

  • Sports watches are worn with athletic dresses. They are most suited for sports-related events.
  • Formal watches are paired with business attire. They look best for formal events, meetings, or parties. 
  • Historically, it was considered rude to wear a luxury watch to a black-tie event. However, trends have changed and there is more acceptance and tolerance for wearing luxury timepieces at black-tie events. You can wear a simple watch preferably with a black wrist band. Or you can wear a pocket watch at the black-tie event.

Avoid Leather Straps in Blazing Summers

Watch straps are made of different materials. Leather is a very popular material and looks good for formal events. However, bear in mind that wearing a leather strap outdoors during summers can be quite uncomfortable. The sweat can cause the strap to deteriorate and discolor. It can cause itchiness as well.

  • Avoid wearing leather straps with sports watches. Leather straps won’t do well for dive watches either as constant exposure to water will destroy the strap in a short time.

Never Touch Another Man’s Watch

Admire your peers’ watches from a  distance and never make an attempt to touch them, unless you are invited to do so. A lot of people are touchy about their watches. They wish to keep them free from dust, scratches, and fingerprint smears.

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