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What Makes a Luxury Watch A Luxury Watch?

A luxury watch adds oomph and class to the persona of the wearer. If you wear a luxury watch, it will turn up your desirability scale by a few notches. Luxury watches represent the highest standards of taste. They communicate your sense of style and personality in a subtle way to those around you.  

Each brand of the watch represents its own unique qualities and boosts the wearers’ persona. With so many options in the market, a novice may be perplexed when it comes to selecting and purchasing the right luxury watch. It is quite a costly investment. Therefore, it is important that you research well before making this purchase.  

Listed below are the top five characteristics of luxury timepieces which set them apart from the ordinary wristwatches. Look for these when you buy one. 

Watch Case 

  • The first thing a person notices about a luxury watch is the material of the watch casing. It comes in three variations: Ceramic, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. All of these are highly durable, lightweight and scratch-resistant. The difference lies in their cost.   

Stainless steel is the least expensive while ceramic is the most expensive material. Ceramic casings are hypoallergenic which is an added bonus especially for people with sensitive skin. Ceramic casings are also unaffected by UV rays.  

Watch Glass 

  • Another thing to notice is the watch face glass, also called a crystal. Sapphire crystal is scratch resistant but also brittle therefore it can crack easily. Acrylic crystal is highly durable but is prone to scratches, some of which can be polished out. Mineral crystal is another alternative that retains the positive aspects of both acrylic and sapphire. Usually, most people opt for a mineral crystal as it is considerably cheaper to replace.   


  • The most popular type of movement is the Quartz in which a small battery causes a quartz crystal to vibrate 32,768 times per second. A circuit measures these vibrations and translates them into the ticking of the second’s hand. Quartz movement watch tells the most precise time without any error.  

Some people prefer mechanical movement watches. The mainspring is wound manually, and it allows the watch to function without a battery. An automatic watch is like a mechanical watch but here the mainspring is wound by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. These are generally thicker than the other two variations. 

Water Resistance (WR) 

  • Most luxury watches come with a WR of 50m which is ideal for showering and swimming. A WR of 200m and above allows the wearer to even go diving and snorkeling without taking it off. However, a wearer must be cautious as the WR can wear out with time. 

Place of Origin 

  • Luxury watches are made in one of the following two countries: Japan and Switzerland. Switzerland has the most sophisticated and well-established industries for watchmaking. They even have centers where the entire watch is assembled and wound by the hands of an expert watchmaker. 

Japan, on the other hand, is known for its technologically advanced and innovative industries. Many Japanese brands were the first to introduce luxury watches having additional features like a backlight and date/time dial. 

  • For most people, purchasing a luxury watch is a life-long dream. However, affordability remains a problem for the ordinary man. If a person wants to save money or own multiple watches under the same budget, they can consider using the services of a luxury watch trading company such as Lido Watch Club. 

Lido Watch Club deals in the sale and purchase of new and pre-owned watches at affordable prices. They have in-house experts who verify each watch’s authenticity and provide a one-year warranty to their clients. 

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